New arrived Smart Music Flowerpot & Plant Piano

I'd like to share our Smart Music Flowerpot/Plant Piano with you. This is a new product, it's very interesting, let me expain in details.


a). Transplant your favorite plant in this Flowerpot, the succulent plant with thick fleshy leaves will give a better performance of playing music, give a small amount of water to keep soil wet.

b). After the plant is ready, please put it aside for 1 min, wait the product to adapt the environment. Then long touch the power button to turn on the Flowerpot.

c). After turn on, the plant will play a song by every touch on it, just like you are playing a piano on a real plant. Meanwhile, a warm light will twinkle along with the rhythm.

Long touch will enter the Play Mode, Flowerpot will play automatically and continually.

d). Press next to switch to next song.

Different plants&soil water content will have different touch sensitivity. The more water content, the more sensitive. If you find no touch response, please check if the plant is full of high water content or the soil is wet enough.

This Flowerpot also has Bluetooth Speaker function.

Please note this Smart Flowerpot don't include Plant, you need to buy and grow at your side.

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New arrived Smart Music Flowerpot & Plant Piano
New arrived Smart Music Flowerpot & Plant Piano
New arrived Smart Music Flowerpot & Plant Piano