Induction heaters are used in metal fabrication, metal smelting, quenching

We can provide different specifications of the electromagnetic induction heating machine,heat treatment machine,metal melting furnace,Vacuum high temperature furnace,and so on.

Our induction heaters can provide you with metal parts for processing services,souped up per unit time production and increase the percentage of qualified products,Accept customization,meet individual needs.

All metal parts can be heat treated,brazing,hardening,annealed,tempered,heated,melting.

Application presentation ( part )

• metal smelting.
• forging rough heating.
• heat treatment of auto parts.
• after the induction of automotive parts after heating heat curing.
• induction heating semi-solid forming.
• induction heating assembly.
• induction heating brazing.

The advantages of induction heating.

The first point,high efficiency,save more power!

The efficiency of induction heating is 30% to 50% higher than that of flame furnace,20% to 30% higher than that of resistance furnace,and it has obvious energy saving effect.

Second,the heating temperature is high,the time is short.

This means that the heating rate is very fast.Induction heating than the resistance furnace,the flame furnace of high efficiency, high yield per unit time.

The third point, easy to achieve PLC automation control.Unattended,cost savings 50%.

The fourth point,to improve and protect the environment,does not produce exhaust gas,almost no pollution to the environment.

Fifth point,safe and reliable,does not produce open flame.

Sixth point,easy to use,the use of fewer workers.

The seventh point,installation,site occupies a small area.

Our delivery time as long as 7 days.

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