Clear/Amber Led Edison Filament Bulb

This is Lee Li from Venusop LED, which has passed ISO 9001, we have 12 years experience in lighting.

We produce all kinds of Led filament bulbs, Christmas lights, Led string lights and other commercial lighting products.

As to the Led filament bulbs, we have C32, C35, A19, G45, G80, G95, G125, G200, T30, T45, ST58, ST64, R63, Spiral filament Led bulbs, Half chrome series and so on.

1. Free sample
2. RA80 and RA90 available
3. 110LM/W for Long filament; 60LM/W for Spiral filament
4. Clear and Amber cover can be choosen
5. OEM for special shape

Dongguan Venus Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd

Clear/Amber Led Edison Filament Bulb