Par56 led pool lamp

Known for their energy efficiency and substantial lifespan, LED grow lights are a proven contender to standard HID grow lights when it comes to hydroponics. Each diode is optimized to a more specific color of light, allowing you to customize the spectrum for both vegetative growth and flowering. Since the LED grow lights emit much less heat than other grow lights, fewer cooling systems and ventilation is needed, which in turn saves even more electricity. Check out our outstanding selection of LED grow lights, LED grow fixtures, and accessories today!
LED Grow Light Fixtures

These pre-assembled LED grow light fixtures come complete with the lighting systems hydroponic systems need from the vegetative state to flowering stage. Simply hang it up, plug it in, and watch your plants come to life. Depending on your application, we offer units with fixed color spectrums or adjustable color spectrums to suit your preferred setup.

LED Grow Bulbs

Designed to fit standard incandescent fixtures, LED grow bulbs are the energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting systems. With a significantly longer lifespan, LED grow bulbs consume less energy and offer the equivalent lumen outputs of HID alternatives. They can be used alone on small grow systems or in conjunction with large MH or HPS bulbs to supplement a red or blue spectrum of light.

LED Accessories

Reassure the safety of your plants all while maintaining the optimum distance for your plants with our LED accessories. Our LED Accessories section includes hanging systems to suspend your LED fixtures with ease and complete system power cords for your convenience. Confidently take control of your setup today!
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Par56 led pool lamp
Par56 led pool lamp