We supply the best quality cemented carbide

This is Karry Liu from Jinan Institute of Metallurgical Science Co., LTD (JIMS) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongyu Heavy(Stock Code:300185)in China.I am the Asian market manger.I hope to establish cooperation with your company.

JIMS is the top 4th largest Cemented Carbide production base in China for more than 40 years with more than 1200 tons annual output and 600 employees.

Our mainly equipment as follows:

High precision centerless grinding machine 8 stets; Regular centerless machine 6 sets; 10MPpressure sintering furnace 5 sets; 6MP pressure sintering furnace 9 sets; All kind of press machine are more than 40 sets.

Our newestadvanced sintering process is Heavystonesurface™ patent technology from the university of Utah heavystone laboratory.The patent technology has been widely applied to various mining tools and engineering tools mainly marketing in the USA, Canada, Korea, India, Russia and China, etc.

The quality performance of cemented carbide product after Heavystone surface™ processing is much more better than regular carbide product, the service life increase more than 30%. We have done many test and get our customers to confirm that carbide bit/button performance is better than CB carbide, Sandvik and Kennametal Corp.

What we can do:

• Button bits, inserts and tips for mining; coal-cutting tools for coal-excavating
• TBM carbide for tunnel cutting tools
• Cutting tools for the building materialand engineering program tools.
• Solid cemented carbide rod, disk and bar/flat
• Helix carbide rod, single & double hole rod
• Cutting tools for the woodwork (Rotary burs)
• Cemented carbide roll, drawing die

Jinan institute of metallurgical science Co., Ltd(JIMS)
No.18111, Jingshi east road, Jinan city, Shandong provice, China


We supply the best quality cemented carbide