water swivel

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It is the necessary tools to supply water or wind after the drilling machine and drill rod connected. Our water swivel is reasonable designed and adopts high wear-resisting seals, which guarantee that the water swivel will not leak and can bear high pressure. Besides, the metal support, which will be maintained for free life, guarantees the smooth operation and long working life of the water swivel. Types: front drive type and back slave type. Users could choose according to the type of drilling machine and drill rod.

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water swivel
water swivel

I am interested in this water pivot. Here are the characteristics of the pivot I need:
The internal diameter of connection of the pivot to the shaft of the gearbox is 28 mm with a keyway 10 mm wide and 5 mm deep. The chevron cuffs are used as seals. The connection size from the end of the shaft to a drill pipe is 38 mm. The extreme pressure in the pivoting tank can reach 40 MPa. The diameter of the shaft bore is 32 mm. The diameter of the body is 110 mm. The length of the pivot is 290 mm, the weight is more or less 12 kg. Can you send me proforma invoice?
How long it can take to ship it to Brussuls, in Belgium and how much it can cost?
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