Used & New Induction Furnace and its Spare Parts

“RR Steel Industry” established as Traders and Exporters of Used as well as New Induction Melting Furnace and its Spare Parts. We have been supplying an extensive range of industrial furnaces and its relevant spare parts to more than 15 countries including U.S.A, Latin America, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Iran & More actively.

With 30 + Years of experience, we are Supplying, Commissioning & Refurbishing the below mentioned Plants/ Machines for the Steel, Foundry and Casting Industry at both National and International level.

• Induction Melting Furnace (IMF)
• Electric Arc Furnace (EF)
• Ladle Refining Furnace (LF)
• Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD)
• Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)
• Ladles
• Steel Re-Rolling Mill
• Transformer
• Electro-Magnets
• E.O.T Cranes/ Overhead Cranes
• Scrap Bailing/ Bundle Press
• Carbon Free Hoses

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