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Breathable Laminated Non-woven
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SFS Laminated Non-woven for Surgical Gowns

• In Compliance with ASTM F1670 & ASTM F1671
• Soft & Breathable
• Disposable

The SFS series is our competitive 3-layer non-woven fabric. With the approval from Nelson Lab in testing the resistance to penetration by synthetic blood(ASTM F1670) and penetration by blood-borne pathogens(ASTM F1671), the SFS series brings out the ideal sulotion for making disposable surgical gowns and robes.

Material for Surgical Drapes & Mayo Stand Cover

• Absorbent
• Low-lint
• Great Resistant to Fluid Penetration
• Disposable

Absorbent, low-lint and fluid resistant, these are essential when it comes to surgical drapes and Mayo stand cover. Our absorbent non-woven laminating with fluid resistant PE film is your first choice.

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Surgical Fabric
Surgical Fabric
Surgical Fabric
Surgical Fabric