Pumice Stone

We are one leading exporter of cleaning pumice stone, cedar ball, cashmere comb in China.

All our products are 100% exported to Overseas market, and we only work with overseas buyer directly. Our main market including USA, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, UK, and Germany, Russian, etc.

We can supply the following products:

1. Kitchen/BBQ /Grill cleaner stone, abrasive stone,
2. Toilet/bathroom pumice stone, toilet bowl ring remover
3. Sweater stone/pilling stone
4. Groomer stone,grooming stone
5. Pet hair remover stone
6. Foot pumice stone
7. Foot pumice sponge, pumice pad
8. Chew toy pumice stone
9. Cashmere comb, wool comb
10. Cedar balls instead of moth ball
11. Cellular glass for building material
12. Suede and nubuck cleaning block/ shoes eraser

All the pumice stone is made of foam glass. We can do blue color, white color, gray color,etc.

Different size is acceptable, and small quantity is also acceptable.

Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone

We are one of biggest exporter of foam glass (cellular glass), US pumice stone, pumice sponge, Suede & Nubuck cleaning block in China. The main products of foam glass are widely used in household cleaning products or foot care callus remover. Now we have been exported our goods to USA, Spain, Brazil, etc, and hope we can make business with you!

The main fuction of our foam glass as follows:

1. Cleaning stone/Pumice stick/Scouring brick/BBQ grill brick/grill stone: It can be used for cleaning BBQ griddle, grill, WC, kitchen, toilet tile or bowel,concreat, swimming pool,marble, ceramic floor tile, metals, etc! It can elminates difficult stains and rust with fast and effective cleaning.
2. Foot pumice stone:it can remove dead skin or callus of foot/hand.
3. Animal Nipping Cube pumice stone: Animal chew toy for dental use!
4. Sweater stone/black foam glass: remove fuzz, pilling and knots from polyester knits, sweater and other fabrics,just brush gently!
5. Construction material black foam glass: heat insulation material cellular glass for indoor or outdoor construction use.

Other similar products:

1. Suede and Nubuck cleaning block/ shoese eraser : remove marks and dirty
2. pumice sponge: similar use like foot pumice stone.

Our minimum order quantity:
The minimum order quantity for the samples: 1-1000 pcs at least by express like TNT, DHL, UPS,ETC;
The minimum order quantity for the formal order: 150 cartons or USD6000.00 more or less.
The Tariff H.S. code number: 39249000

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Pumice Stone

We are one of biggest exporter of foam glass, cleaning pumice stone, foot pumice stone, pumice sponge, suede & nubuck cleaning block, shoe erasers in China.

Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone

We are one leading factory and exporter of foam glass & pumice stone in China. All the products is made of raw material flat glass. There are widely use in different areas, such as:

1. Construction building material use to anti-proof, sound, heat-resistance
2. Cleaning use: cleaning rust, heavy duty oil, dirty, grill cleaner,kitchen stone, pool stone
3. Pumice stone to remove old skin of foot/hand
4. Sweater stone, farbic stone
5. Chew toy pumice stone


We are one leading factory of pumice stone in China.

It is widely used in the following places:
1. Household cleaning tools : cleaning rust, heavy duty oil, dirty, grill, crepe, kitchen, swimming pool, toilet,etc.
2. hard skin remover for foot or hand, callus remover (pumice sponge)
3. Sweater stone,fabric remover,pilling remover
4. pet hair removal pumice stone, horse grooming stone, peg groomer stone
5. chew toy pumice stone for animal dental
6. Building insulation material foam glass (anti-proof, sound, heat-resistance)

Pumice Stone

We are one leading exporter of foot pumice sponge, pumice stone in China. Please check the introduction of pumice sponge as follow:

The Pumice Sponge works gently to remove rough, dry skin from hands and feet.
Sponge removes hard or callused skin from hands and feet with or without soap.
Made in China, works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin's natural softness.
Caution: Do not use if you are diabetic or if there is any inflammation in the affected area.

By the way, small quantity or big quantity are both acceptable.

Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone

We are one leading factory of pumice sponge, pumice stone, foam glass in China.

The main use of our products:
1. Pumice stone for cleaning kitchen, WC, BBQ, Grill,Pool, Abrasive stone, grill brick
2. Foot pumice stone for hard skin remover!
3. Pet hair removal stone, lint remover
4. Grooming stone, groomer stone
5. Sweater stone, anti pilling stone
6. Chew toy pumice stone, chew blox.
6. PU Pumice sponge, Pumice bar for hard skin remover
7. Building material foam glass block

Our main market: USA, Germany, UK, Brazil, Mexico, including Amazon, ebay,Tesco, etc

We can accept small quantity for test order or big quantity for formal order.

Pumice Stone

We are one of biggest exporter of pumice stone, pumice sponge in Anhui province of China.

If you have any needs, please write email to

Pumice Stone

We supply sweater stone & cashmere comb.

Pumice Stone

Wholesale natural pumice stone.

Works great on: Tile, toilets, sinks and bathtubs.

Pumice Stone