Analogue Telephone PCB Board-HeoZ

Analogue Telephone PCB Board

1. The analog telephone PCB board supports both handset and hands-free for reliable communication.
2. Including PCB, push-button, speaker, microphone, buzzer.
3. Three auxiliary relays are available.
4. No external power is required for normal operation.
5. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21.
6. This analog PCB board is compatible with direct exchange lines, most PABX/ dispatching exchange systems
with the feeding voltage of 33-60V.
7. Crystal sound quality and easy to install.

Dialing tones meet international standard requirements.
Unit size: 96x70x15mm
Net weight: 0.22kg
Packing size: 270x220x190mm (10pcs /carton)
Gross weight: 2.5kg
Packing box: Carton box

This analog telephone PCB is ideal for heavy-duty telephone, emergency telephone, waterproof telephone, car parking lot system, ATM machines, etc.

For three years from the date of purchase, this analog telephone board is warranted against any defects in hardware components or software.

HeoZ offers free replacements for the analog telephone board within 120 days.
For the products under the free warranty period, HeoZ is responsible for one-way freight.

This limited warranty is conditioned upon the proper use of the analog telephone mainboard.
If you believe that you have a warranty claim, please be prepared to give the following information:
Model Number, PI Number, Serial Number and brief description of the problem.

We are always here to help.

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Analogue Telephone PCB Board-HeoZ