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How are you doing? Sounds like everything is falling into place. This is Nora from Taiwan, we are a ball screw manufacturer, our factory in Shenzhen China.

Would you have any interest in buying high quality ball screw nuts or shafts from Taiwan or China? How may I help you?

Any complaints from your customer and lack of a good supplier to offer ball screw nuts or shaft? How may I help you?

A ball screw is the kind of high-tech product that requires capital-intensive, technology-intensive as well as management-intensive input. Wei Tai owns some of the most advanced manufacturing and inspection instruments, which are used to maintain high standards.

Wei Tai recommends the use of standard ball screws for most designs, but We can also produce high-lead and miniature versions. Balls crews are also manufactured according to customer specifications.

We own the high quality and competitive price because of our factory in China. Our goal is we really hope to do more business with you.

We have established from 2010, the head design office in Taiwan and in house manufacture in China. Professional in ball screw and screw nuts, especially for hi-precision requirement. Provides quality, economical and compatible ball screws solution.

Our ball screws own good quality, competitive price and hope to find a power transmission dealer world -wide. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us. We supply ball screws and screw nuts in DIN 69051, GB/T17587, and JIS C5 standard with in-house manufacturing factories.

Shenzhen Weitai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and supplies ball screw and ball nuts which factory is sited in Bao- An, Shenzhen, China. We are the high-tech ball screw manufacturer and meet the international standard of DIN 69051, GB/T17587 and JIS C5, etc. The factory is certified by ISO9001 & UKAS and we are professional in the industry and have the confidence to produce both of the global standard and the customized specification, and the quality is compatible with the international branded products.

We are approved by Chinese high-tech enterprise certification and the plant owns the equipment including CNC lathes, CNC 4 axis machining centers, CNC 5 axis machining centers, and CNC internal thread grinding machines. We have an R & D team to develop the new designs of ball screws and have specific patents including the new design and new appearance. We are also capable of developing OEM or ODM designed ball screws to satisfy customized needs. The sketch of CAD/CAM customized transmission component design is available both for equipment and high lead ball screws in specific standards.

Capabilities of Shenzhen Weitai Technology Co., Ltd. –

. Ball screws and screw nuts in customized specific standards

. High lead ball screws and screw nuts

(1202 ,1204, 1210, 1220 ,1606 1616, 1632, 2505, 2550, 2440, 2020, 2040, 2525, 4040 5050 etc.)

0401 0601 0606 0801 0802 082.5 0808 0810 etc. Only our factory has produced in China.

Wei Tai Transmission Limited Company is the head office in Taipei and acts for all of international trade activities to handle the shipment supplied from Shenzhen Weitai Technology Co., Ltd. factory. We are looking for new customers in your regions and it’s thankful if you can give us a chance to work together. Please feel free to contact the following:

Wei Tai Transmission Limited Company


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