This process is very “GREEN” and saves Money.

Properties of Green Concrete has a resemblance of natural rock created by volcano heat and tectonic pressure to form an accomplished isotropic structure performing its strength, impermeability,and resistance to corrosion for hundreds of years.

Additives/Admixtures to Concrete-Water proofing, Cement class Upgrading, Corrosion Resistant, No other construction material provides The Strength, Durability and Economy of Concrete. Kalmatron is not a crystallizing admixture so it can be applied in a range of conditions/temperatures.

KALMATRON® KF-ASH The petrography of that concrete may even exceed the modern standards of structural concrete.
Now it is just ºBLOCK and KALMATRON® MORTAR

We work with our clients to find the best solution for all proposed contracts. Our product line consists of over 15 differing solutions of our product, each designed for specific applications.

The technologies solves problem of incinerated industrial waste IIW productive utilizing, local concrete aggregates, landfill storage and landscape engineers. KF-Ash works by encapsulating the impurities within the cement matrix, Preventing any Leaching out of The Concrete.

We will look into your unique concerns and diagnose the best solution to rectify the problem, or in the case of protecting new concrete, we will help suggest which product will help increase the lifespan and lifetime durability of the structure.

Waterproof Fireproof Lightweight partition wall panel KALMATRON® KF-ASH
KF-Ash will work with graphite, magnesium, IIW, and other materials including post consumer waste like Plastic Bags, Paper Cores, etc., by safely encapsulating any chemically or biologically contaminated material in the cement matrix. There's no harmful leaching with KF-Ash and it is inert and completely safe for the environment. KF-Ash also has radiation attenuating properties. For best results, coating structures with KF-aby coat will help prevent radiation on a par with lead panels.

K1OO® ASH is a liquid version of KALMATRON® ASH as an additive to the concrete mixes containing up to 70% of IIW (Incinerated Industrial Waste) from the weight of the cement into the concrete mix. IIW are fly ash, slag ash, volcanic deposits or crumbled slag, etc. being encapsulated by K1OO® ASH provide stable insulating performance of conventional concrete mix with IWW as Lightweight concretes.

We conduct these evaluations free of charge because we are in the business of protecting concrete and believe it important to do the job right, the first time around. Unlike many of the other admixtures on the market, Kalmatron® is not easily classified as a 'retarder,' 'superplasticizer,' 'accelerator,' 'water reducer',' or 'air entrainer' because our product upgrades concrete in a completely new and revolutionized way. To understand how we differ from the competition, it is important to know about the history of our supplier.

When mixed or applied onto concrete, these Kalmatron® solutions offer a host of improvements to the compound, including but not limited to:
• Waterproofing
• Increasing compression strength
• Protection against rebar corrosion and rust
• Protection from the seepage of engine and diesel oil
• Reducing the effects of carbonization
• Reducing penetration of chloride salts
For a description of the products we offer please visit our Products page and for examples of the projects we have completed and the testimonials we have received visit our Projects section.
KALMATRON® KF-ASH is an additive to the concrete mixes containing at 70% of Fly ash, Slags, Volcano sand, Debris of Wood, Paper, KF-ASH is well-suited for building on remote territories and for the utilization of contaminated or low grade local building materials, Use of waste Thermocol, Thin Plastics Waste like Shopping Bags, Metallized post consumer film packs provide insulation.

1. Production of the wall blocks and panels with thermal resistance higher than most known

industrially supplied insulation materials.

2. Restoration of thermal resistance of aged or damaged panels or masonry walls, separators,

industrialfridges, metallurgical plants, fortification structures, etc.

Fire protected structural elements and equipment, Substance is a non‐combustible solid, whichrequires no special fire fighting procedures. No fire or explosion hazards are associated with this product. Heat resistant coatings of industrial units

The solution also “Kills two birds with one Stone.” The Country’s Wastewater Plants are experiencing a growing issue with disposing the sludge produced from sewage water treatment. Studies indicate that the volume of sludge is expected to rise and disposal options are limited due to environmental regulations, which include a ban on burying sludge in soil due to its high heavy metal content. So why not put it to a more practical use?
KALMATRON® KF-ASH is an additive to the concrete mixes containing over 50% of Industrial
Incinerated Waste (IIW) from the weight of cement. In order to utilize IIW with maximum benefits, that concrete can be used for building of insulated structures. Also it is widely recommended for building on remote territories for utilization of contaminated or low grade local building materials.

KALMATRON® KF-ASH provides maximum of cementitious value to concrete mix and prevents leaching of unstable phases from IIW by encapsulation of insoluble impurities. It increases the field of IIW utilization for chemically, biologically or organically contaminated raw materials.

Below is an example of 2 concrete mix designs for blocks production based on conventional coarse sand and natural volcanic sand (Mexico). Volcanic sand is highly soluble in water that's why it has no industrial value by itself. Applied KF-ASH additive provides encapsulation of volcanic sand preventing from contact with water during of batch preparation. After hardening it results in "honeycombed" cement rock matrix with numerous amount of voids functioning as thermal insulation of concrete structure.

When IIW comes from metallurgical facilities it contains sub-ferro elements then performance of KALMATRON® KF-ASH might be considered as providing the features of High Performance Concrete (HPC). Encapsulation of micro metal elements coincides with their partial or complete oxidation into solutions of KALMATRON® KF-ASH with given high chemical potential under the water to cement ratio of 0.42. In this case the testimonial procedure should be referred to the special concretes dedicated to particularly heavy-duty applications.

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