Looking for a Distributor - Glass Nail Polish without Nail Lacquer

We are looking for a distributor of a brand-new Glass Nail Polishing(Shining) & Care Kit, which makes the beautiful shiny nails by one-step care.

It has the following features:

• Nail Shaping and Polishing(Shining) by a single step -- Polish Lacquer is Not Needed.
• Long-lasting effect of Shining/Glossing, which other glass nail files cannot perform.
• Micro-Patterned Surface designed by Etching process à Differentiated from other regular glass files which are Abrasive-coated or Sand-blasted on the glass surface.
• 100% glass material à Semi-permanent Usage.
• Handy & Safe keeping in a Portable Case (ideal for Pocket, Purse, Work & Travel)
• Helping color manicures look more bright and smooth.

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