a new product exclusive hid kit

We recently launched a new product exclusive hid kit for all car.

1. the Special types of HID for the Special types of cars . just like the original HID

2. automotive headlight assembly with Angel Eye Bi-xenon projector lens

Why choose Our HID?

1) high-volt. & lowvolt. separation technology, no voltage radiation interference.

No statics problem ,No statics problem , No return circuit , No process interference

2) Plug and play HID, Do-It-Yourself HID, saving much installation fee for you.

3) all in one hid :100% CANBUS solution

4) Direct from the factory, retail sale at wholesale price, unbelievable savings

It is the best-selling HID in 2010, 2011, 2012 continuously in China and Japan.

Our patent HID-all in one HID, which creates a new century to HID industry.

The brightest, the coolest HID in the world, it is 0 CANBUS, 0 glare, it needs the shortest installation time, plug and play.

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a new product exclusive hid kit
a new product exclusive hid kit