building wire solutions

Singcheer Building Wire (House Wire) Solutions

Singcheer building wire solutions consist of high speed extrusion lines and EFAF packaging machines. The production capacity for extrusion line is up to 1200m/min, and 4~5 coils/min for EFAF packaging machines.

Extrusion Lines
100/50/50 HS Ex. line (1200m/min)
100/50 HS Ex. line (1000m/min)
90/50 Ex. line (600m/min)
80/35 multi-purpose Ex. line


H7 QCC crosshead

S14 fixed centering crosshead

S7 fixed centering crosshead

S7/14 PA fixed centering crosshead

Dual take up for the lines

1250 Semi-auto dual spooler

1000 Semi-auto dual spooler

1000/1250 dual spooler

800 Automatic dual spooler
EFAF Automatic coiling lines consist of:
EFAF 260 coiling/strapping/thermal shrink packaging line
EFAF 260 coiling/strapping/thermal shrink packaging/palletizing line
EFAF 260 coiling/strapping/boxing line
EFAF 400 coiling/strapping/thermal shrink packaging line

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building wire solutions
building wire solutions
building wire solutions