power supply design, production

Shenzhen QiZhengYuan Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional switching power supply design, production, sales and service enterprises. Products include switching power supplies, AC adapters, chargers, DC power supply, digital photo frame power supply, AC adapter frequency power, AC / AC Power Adapter AC / DC power modules, DC / DC converters, DC / DC Power modules, etc., has passed 3C, UL, FCC, CE and other countries of the certification, the products all over the country and Europe, the United States and other countries. Used in LCD monitors, DVD drive, LED display, battery chargers

12v1A 12V2A 12v3A 12V4A 12V5A 12V6A 12V7A 12V8A 12V10A

12W 24W 36W 48W 60w-500W

YU0506 30W 5V6A
YU0508 40W 5V8A
YU0605 30W 6V5A
YU0606 36W 6V6A
YU0905 45W 9V5A
YU0906 54W 9V6A
YU1203 36W 12V3A
YU1204 48W 12V4A
YU1205 60W 12V5A
YU1206 72W 12V6A
YU1207 84W 12V7A
YU1603 48W 16V3A
YU1604 64W 16V4A
YU1803 54W 18V3A
YU2402 48W 24V2A
YU2403 72W 24V3A
YU3615 54W 36V1.5A
YU3602 72W 36V2A
YU4801 48W 48V1A
YU4815 72W 48V2A
S-15-12 12W 12V1A
S-25-12 25W 12V2A
S-36-12 36W 12V2A
S-60-12 60W 12V5A
S-100-12 100W 12V8.5A
S-120-12 120W 12V10A
S-250-12 250W 12V20A
S-360-12 360W 12V30A
S-100-5 100W 5V20A
S-200-5 200W 5V40A
YU1201 12W 24V1A
YU0901 9W 9V1A
YU1201 12W 12V1A
YU0901 9W 9V1A
YU0501 5W 5V1A
YU1215 18W 12V1.5A
YU1202 24W 12V2A
YU1202 24W 12V2A
YU1202 24W 12V2A
YU1202 24W 12V2A

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power supply design, production