Aluminum honeycomb panel

We can supply: Aluminum honeycomb panel
Current price: US $23.8 /Square Meter (Negotiable and subject to customer’s demands)
Price term: FOB Shanghai/Ningbo
Specifications: Thickness: 5mm-550mm. To see more options, please click here
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Aluminum honeycomb panel, Specifications: Thickness: 5mm-550mm
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Material: Aluminum
Color: White Grey
Application: Architectural decoration
Thickness: 5mm-550mm
Features: Good surface flatness, high strength, light weight
Fire performance: B1 level
Noise effects: air sound insulation 29dB
Insulation: thermal conductivity 0.1613W / (m.k)
Surface using paint roller coating technology: 70% of fluorocarbon paint, weathering wall, with self-cleaning capability.
Temperature resistance: when used in different geographical environment -40 ℃ to + 80 ℃, according to special requirements, can reach 100 ℃.
Environmental protection, aluminum honeycomb panels without separation or classification can be completely recycled.

Aluminum honeycomb panels using the "sandwich" structure, surface treatment of aluminum alloy sheet fluorocarbon roll, the middle is in line with the National Aeronautics and aluminum honeycomb core standards, widely used in building walls and interior decoration. The company has specialized in the production process and comprehensive protection. It can produce products according to customer requirements and different complex process, especially in the production of profiled sheet.

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Jiangyin JiaShangHe metal materials Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2010, the company mainly produces aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panels, marble honeycomb panels, new chemical fiber equipment, such as new composite materials products.

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