WANLONG QSQ series Bridge Multi Blade Block Cutter

Time to upgrade your block cutting machines!

Kindly Pls find following information of our WANLONG QSQ series Bridge Multi Blade Block Cutter.

1. Technical Parameter
Model Unit QSQ-2200 QSQ-2500 QSQ-3000
Lifting system 4 Column Hydraulic System
(v plate hydraulic system for optional)
Max. diameter of blades mm φ2200 φ2500 φ3000
Max. No. of blades pc 8 5 1
Recommended Blade combination mm φ2200 φ2000
φ1800 φ1600
φ1400 φ1200
φ1000 φ800 φ2500 φ2000
φ1600 φ1200
Recommended Thickness
of Blade mm 6.5 7.2 8.0
Main motor power KW 37 / 45 37 / 45 37 / 45 / 55
Max. Cutting Size
(L x W x H) mm 3200 x 1800 x 950 3000 x 1800 x 1100 2500 x 1800 x 1350
Overall dimensions
(L x W x H) mm 7300 x 3800 x 5500 7300 x 3800 x 5500 7300 x 3800 x 6100
Water Comsuption m³/h 6 6 6
Approximate weight Kg 10000 11000 12000
2. Feature
Mechanical system

Wide-span crossbeam of bridge structure, large block cutting available
Crossbeam is made of strong cast iron to avoid distortion after long-term use
Dustproof design of the slide track ensures the precise guide movement & long lifespan
Taiwan PMI linear ways for crossbeam movement to increase the cutting smoothness and efficiency. It is also easy for maintenance and replacement.
Precise movement of cutting head in horizontal direction by precision rack & gear
Guide rail on the crossbeam is in oil bath and protected from water and dust

Electrical system

Cross movement of the cutting head on the crossbeam is driven by SIEMENS motor equipped with OMRON rotary encoder(for optional) by which the precision is guaranteed
PANASONIC frequency transducer and PANASONIC PLC, programmable and fully automatic, stability and flexibility guaranteed
Touch-sensitive panel, easy operation
C.E. Certificate

3. Productivity
QSQ-2200: 2-3cm thickness granite slab of medium rigidity : 65-75 sqft/h
QSQ-2500: 2-3cm thickness granite slab of medium rigidity : 54-65 sqft/h
QSQ-3000: 2-3cm thickness granite slab of medium rigidity : 27-32 sqft/h

4. Slab processing cost lower to USD0.15 per sqft, including labor, electricity and diamond segments cost.

5. Our after-sale office in Jalore and Aburoad is at your complete disposal. Karimnagar office will come into service very soon.

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