Fully-automatic FFP2/FFP3 Respirator Mask Making Machine Production Line

Fully-automatic FFP2/FFP3 Mask Making Machine | Respirator Production Line

This respirator production line for producing FFP2/FFP3 face masks and it makes 4-to-6-ply respirators/masks
1) Unwinding and feeding fabrics
2) Welding and laminating fabrics
3) Feeding and positioning nose bars
4) Feeding and welding earloops
5) Folding masks
6) Cutting the masks

The above process is done automatically and continuously by PLC.

1) Fully-automatic.
2) High-speed and speed adjustable.
3) Multiple ultrasonic systems employed produce reliable welding.
4) Easy to use. The touch-screen control system makes operation easy.
5) Alarm when the fed material breaks or is in short.
6) A counting system makes the quantity of produced masks visible and make it possible to set the mask quantity of each stack for the conveyors.

Rated power: 14 kW
Capacity: max. 50 pcs/min
Weight: 2100 kg
Dimensions: 9800(L)*1335(W)* 2008 (H)mm
Site level: class 100000 cleanroom
Compressed air: 0.5-0.8MPa, pre-filtered, 305L/min
Fold symmetry: ±2mm