1st tech solar LED copper wire string light

1st Tech believes that every light should be intelligent in order to drive radical energy efficiency and provide a platform for distributed building intelligence.

Key Points
Intelligent LED lighting systems include sensors, power monitoring and networked communications.
LED lights are dimmable and restart immediately, making them good candidates for intelligent control.
Intelligent LED systems can reduce energy and maintenance costs through controlling and tracking.

Birds' twitter generation 2 (Rechargable Intelligent Bluetooth stereo desk lamp)

We tries our best to build the intelligent desk lamp and the wireless Bluetooth speakers perfect combination.
Branch perched on a bird, ultra artistic conception.
Listen to the birds, smell the fragrance of books, a great pleasure in the life; the most natural color allows you to study and work in high spirits, soothing music and help you relax working day for the exhaustion of body and mind
Pure light natural comfortable
Using high industry standard LED
Through a special process to deal with diffusion sheet for the light transmission and distribution
To prevent the LED ghost effectively
Light natural, effective protection of your eyes healthy.
Humanized adjustment angle freely
Environment friendly silicone hose, toughness, flexible, not broken, free to adjust the height and angle, suited to your perspective better.
HiFi speaker
Equipped with master chip of high resolution, to achieve high-quality audio playback, bring the super bass wonderful music experience for you.

Birds' twitter (Rechargable Human intelligent induction lamp + Touch eyeshieldreading lamp)
get up in the night to urinate convenience/eyeshield lighting source/Charging energy saving/LED Environmentally friendly
Product name: birds' twitter (intelligent induction lamp)
Product model: 1STNO-NY001, 1STNO-NY002
Rated voltage: DC5V 500MA
Power rating: 3.5W
Light power: 1.8W LED
CCT: 2800-3000K, 6500K
Product material: ABS, silicone, metal, electronic components
Battery capacity: 500MA lithium battery
Induction range: 2 meters effective induction
Delay time: 60S
Packing measurement: 120x120x180mm
GW: 300g
Product color: pink, green
Product standard configuration: reading lamp x1, USB charging line x1, color box x1
Built-in 8 LED, through a special process to deal with the light diffusion film light filtering, so that the light source is more able to play the effect.
Ultra bright long life time LED, the light is soft, not hurt the eyes, no radiation, no stroboscopic.
Human body intelligent induction
We adopt advanced human body thermal infrared detection technology,anti interference, silent, no radiation, responsive, people come to light, 60S delay turn off the lights.
Changeable shape flexible freely
Using 7mm thoughness silicone tube, bold, flexible regulation, no rupture, can be any adjustment according your need.

Heart lock(Rechargable LED reading lamp)
Multipurpose, lasting, portability, inseparable with you
6 warm heart strengths
Heart shaped portable design
A variety of ways to use
LED eye protection
Touch switch 3 grades dimming
High quality craftwork
Built-in super lithium battery
Accompanied with heart lock
Happy readily available
USB mobile charging, every wonderful moment, sweet no power off
1.Minimalism aesthetics of design
Design inspiration comes from the heart, designers continue to the aesthetic principle of simple fashion to the LED lamp, add a feeling of love to reading and learning
Weight of heart lock is only 250g, light and portable, would like to take it out because of no burden.
Heart lock is little and dainty, put it in your bag, does not occupy a space.
2.Variety of arbitrary shape follow your bent
Optional adjustment, can be raised can be linked can be vertical, all-round without dead lighting
3.LED energy-saving, no flicker, eyes protection
LED long service life can be used for 10 years fully to let change the light bulbs to become a miracle a heart lock lamp is equal to 8pcs energy saving lamp life, 50pcs incandescent lamp life
4.Touch switch: Xpress switch, Touch inductive switch, 3 grades brightness switch, Touch inductive switch, 3 grades brightness switch
5.High quality process
Pleasant appearance
Heart lock lamp shell material is environment friendly PP plastic, the shell surface is treated by special process, Nano textured, anti grease anti fingerprint, hand feel and drape
6.Environment friendly lithium battery
High efficiency charging
Adopt lithium battery, once full of electricity (charging can be filled within 2 hours)
The most bright grade can be lit for 6 hours continuously
The most dark grade can be lit for 30 hours continuously

Smart Ikkyu(Intelligent remote control air purification LED lamp)
shock control switch without resistance
3 grades lighting brightness
negative ion air purification
Design philosophy
1st Tech product designers have a simple belief that life should be better and better", the product should make people convenient, quiet, let the people are wisdom
1st Tech designer was inspired by the wooden knocker, people often say "wooden knocker don't knock don't sounded, candle don't burn don't bright", a knock is bright only smart Ikkyu can be done.
Fair and soft goes far in a day, return to the truth
Smart Ikkyu air purification lamp, combined with logs and white jade porcelain perfectly, 3 grades lighting source, non resistance shock control, built in negative ion generator, we believe that this product will be able to clean up your mind and body in a knockout blow
We are looking forward to sharing more pleasure experience of wisdom of life with you
3 kinds of intelligent control mode is more convenient
360 degrees without dead control, to break any barriers
Wooden knocker button switch air purification remote light double insurance
Experimental proof
Reduce the concentration of PM2.5 and formaldehyde and other harmful substances Effectively in the room
We selected New Zealand pine is to follow the concept of environment friendly strictly, each piece of wood is top quality.
After CNC machining and manual grinding and other multi-channel processes, make it back to basics appearance without loss of high precision electronic products.
Light paint surface treatment, let you feel wood bring temperature.
As the old saying goes "embryo, over 72 hands, synthesizer" enough to see the difficulty of the process, the refined process.
We adopt quality kaolin as raw materials, after 1300 degrees high temperature firing,low rate of finished products, fine white porcelain, high show the unique charm of white porcelain
Bluetooth connection trouble, infrared must be aligned, WiFi radiation, we found a more convenient way to control
2.4G wireless control, to break any barriers

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