Car Energy Cup (Multi-functional car charger)

Our latest product: Car Energy Cup (Multi-functional car charger).

This innovative new product is combined Dual Cigarette lighter, Dual USB Ports, Bluetooth Earplug and Car battery monitor together which makes it a multi-purpose product. The main features of this product as below:

1. Streamline design (suitalbe to any car type)
2. Dual Cigarette Lighter holes +Dual USB Slots (1.0A + 2.1A). Internal Short Circuit and Overload protection (protect charging devices). Total can afford 80W devices
3. Indpendent Switch for Cigarette lighters and blue night light
4. Car Battery Voltage Monitor
5. Smart Bluetooth(auto answer/hang up/connect/charging)
6. Support 2 cell phones, convient for using
7. Tiny size, saving space
8. Grey and Gold availble
9. Also, we have cheaper version without Bluetooth (all the same just without Buletooth)

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