Expert PTFE Machinery & Products Solution

SunKoo PTFE Plastic Machine Suppliers is a wholesale PTFE plastics machine and PTFE plastics products(Rod,Tube,Sheet,Hoses,Pipe,Seals...) supplier with an established track record of the highest quality products and technical support.

Main Machine:Extruder Machine,Gaskets Press Machine,Paste Extruder,Film Skiving Machine,Sintering Furnace,Corrugated Pipe Machine.

Extruder Features:Save time and money;Advance designed;High output;Low energy consumption;Long-life;Production Per Hour in Kg:10-15;Length :Unlimited;Computerized.

PTFE Rod Extrusion
Rod Extruder Features:Save time and money;Intelligent and easy-to-use;Long- life, with modern technology and optimized design;Production Per Hour:Extrusion at 9-18kg/h;Automatic;

Sintering Furnace
ISO9001certificate;Its sintering records can last one year. The multiple sintering furnaces can be operated at the same time and the remote control is available.

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