Lidar sensor for AGV

This post is tell you we just updated our FSD-F10(FSLIDAR 10) today, from now on, the same price, but different lidar sensor.
The points/s parameter is updated from previous 5000 pts/s to 9000 pts/s.
Besdies, the scan frequency can be ajusted to 15Hz, the standard frequency is 10Hz.
Please see below detail specification.

Measure distance:0.15 – 12m@30% Measure precision:±1cm under @12m@10Hz

Scan degree:360° Angular resolution:0.36°

Scan frequency:10Hz (Justable) Distance resolution:1cm

Output port:TTL Volume:78*78*56 mm

Points/second: 9000 Weight:190 g

FSLIDAR10 (FSD-F10) lidar sensor is the good choice to be applied for the service robot, AGV and other autonomous moving robot SLAM works under indoor&outdoor sunny situation.

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