Spare Parts for Crusher, Excavator

I am special Manufacturer and Exporter of Castings, Forge, and Machined Spare Part from China.

We produce many kinds of Spare part for Crusher,Excavator and Mill, Kiln, etc….

Our foundry specialized in producing Metal composite ceramic castings (≈X-win), bimetallic composite castings (≈Duocast), High Mn Steel, High Cr casting iron, Ni-Hard Castings, Stainless steel, Alloy steel or Carbon Steel, and other Wear Resistant Iron & Steel Casting Parts. We adopt the most advanced vacuum casting process and precision investment casting, and the electronic control system of the heat treatment. Both the outside surface and the inner structure of our parts are obviously superior to the other casting parts. We produce metal composite castings by cast sintering or suspension pouring, Other We produce ZTA Ceramic spare part by powder metallurgy sintering.

Our product include:

Metal composite ceramic castings (Metal matrix ceramic composite castings), Ceramic composite Impact bar (≈X-win), VSI shoe of Ceramic composite , Ceramic composite chocky bars, Ceramic composite Excavator tooth, Ceramic composite liner of ballmill, Sprocket Segments of Ceramic composite for Double roll crusher. Double metal composite hammer (≈Duocast) and Centrifugal bimetallic composite roll ring.

Various kinds of Scraper blade of forged(Flight bar), Concrete Paddle Mixer Arms, Track Shoe, Concrete Mixer Liner, Hammers, Blow bar, Impact Bar, Jaw plate for Crusher, Cone Mantles of High Mn steel, Wear resistant Casting Steel Grate Plate and Liner for Ballmill, Liner of AG/SAG, Liner of VI/VSI, Stirred-mill(Vertimill) screw liner, Liner of Gyratory-Crushers,Grate bar of Sintering Machine, and Grinding roll of vertical mill, Grinding pan of vertical mill, and Centrifugal Roll Ring of Rolling mill etc....

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