Dope dyed nylon yarn

Dope dyed color yarn is very great for the environment and reduction of pollutants,ex: CO2, COD. They are not only eco-friendly but also energy-saving. Over 10 years of experience, we could provide high quality dope dyed color yarn
We own modern equipments, reliability team, efficiency organization, and perfect quality. We are collecting the news in the market and developing new products to add our collection, to fulfill the requirement of our customer demands. We have aggressively research technological information to maintain superior quality and competitions. Our staffs are working with a sincere faith, and steady operation manner. Our main sale products are Nylon6(PA 6), Nylon66(PA 66) and function yarn. We desire everlasting business foundation and donate our reward to the society.


Nylon 6 (PA 6) Dope Dyed Color Yarn

High Dye Fastness , Eco-friendly, Pollution Free
Energy efficiency and carbon reduction, and reducing to emit waste water

Dye fastness : 4
Color : red, green, yellow, navy blue and so on. Made by buyer’s demand.
MOQ : 2000KG per color
Please see our color shade card.

The colors of sock is our popular ones, and delivering time will be sooner.

Nylon 6 (PA 6) Dope Dyed SUPER BLACK

High Dye Fastness , Eco-friendly, Pollution Free
Energy efficiency and carbon reduction, and reducing to emit waste water

As photo is the comparison of black shade, the stripe fabric is DTY 70/68 super DDB.

The black fabric is DTY 70/68 normal DDB.

We had sold around 100 tons to our customer.

Cooling Yarn

The cool jade from Taiwan, the best valued “cool” fiber
When we touch any clothing made from Taiwan Jade , we feel cool due to the humidity within the fiber itself. And because the normal water has lower temperature comparing to a human body, we will feel the “cool” effect.

Material : Taiwan’s Jade is categorized as amphibole. This kind of jade is very high in density as well as the cool touch feeling, therefore, it is one of the best material to make into fiber. This kind of Taiwan Jade is tested and researched by the Mineral and Resource Research Institute of Taiwan. It is now the best cool fiber in the market.

Nylon Recycling Yarn

Our recycling yarn is made of waste materials,
ex: waste yarn, waste woof from spinning and weaving factories.

It is not only saving the energy but also reducing producing waste material.

It is new green yarn and great for the environment.

Specification: 40D/34F,36F , 70D/48F

Antibacterial yarn

Our antibacterial yarn is iodine compound, not silver compound. Sliver compound causes skin irritation, iodine compound is safe, and doesn't worry about skin irritation.

Test report data as following.
Effect: antifungal, deodorization and keep dry.
Useage: sock and clothing fabric,


DTY 70/48 dope dyed bleached white & black

DTY 70/24 dope dyed bleached white & black

DTY 70/68 dope dyed bleached white & black

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