Used Plastic & Rubber Machineries

We could offer plastic and rubber making relevant used machines:

Hydraulic Machines, Kneader Machines, Pelletizers, Roller Extrusion Machine, Mould Sets, Storage Trunks, Rubber Extruder, Dryer, Small Foam Testing Machine and Injection Machines etc.

Hydraulic Machine x 12 sets total
Plastic Mixer 110L x 2 sets, 75L x 2 sets, 55L x 1 set
Granulator / Pelletizer x 2 sets
Batch Off Machine x 1 set
Plastic Plate Three Rollers Extrusion Machine x 1 set
PE/ PP Mould x 2 set
Rubber Extruder x 1 set
Rotary Particle Dryer x 1 set
Small Foam Testing Machine x 1 set
Injection Machines x 2 sets

Our factory is located at Yunlin County, Taiwan (eastern side of China).

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