2.0 Megapixel Full HD Digital Mobile DVR

3G wireless video surveillance system
Vehicle equipment built-in 3G module (WCDMA / EVDO / TD-SCDMA), through the network in real-time status of the vehicle, video, audio
and other information transmitted to the monitoring center; also available in a variety of command control center.
3G wireless network through the vehicle, outside of real-time video, other information transmitted to the monitoring center,
the monitoring center can be understand in real-time live video situation inside and outside the vehicle, Video and other management.

Smart GPS satellite positioning systems
Vehicle equipment by GPS module, get the current vehicle location information, including the current latitude and longitude,
current speed, current work azimuthal velocity vector, the current time, by supporting the monitoring system platform,
combined with GPS electronic map, accurate positioning of the vehicle.

Monitoring system platform
The core of the monitoring system platform for the monitoring system.
Management Scheduling: all vehicles video, GPS, alarms, video management, user rights management, etc.
All by the system to complete the operation and management platform.

WIFI download automatically switch
Currently 3G tariff is high, the use of 3G data download Recording uneconomical, the speed is slow.
SD card and hard disk box drawn heavy workload, need to arrange special personnel to perform.
The system uses WIFI to download automatic switching technology, when the vehicle back to the terminal
automatically after the WIFI signal is detected by 3 g transmission switch to WIFI,
and video data set to automatically download and save the 3G tariff and manpower.

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