Skin Care, cosmetics, cleaning and beauty products

TUNG SHIN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FACTORY is a factory specialized in Skin Care, cosmetics , cleaning and Beauty products.

Our Company's own 3 cosmetics production plant, and has 10 beauty Centers (salon) and more than 10,000 dealers ,

Has 25 years of experience in the production of cosmetics, the company's strategy is flexibility, Offer the lowest prices (6%-35% of Taiwan sales price, us 10 sales price we offer you us 0.6-3.5) and the longest day of the payment terms ,(Also no need cost, try to sell) so that your company can profit a lot of money!

Our company want find your country dealer, if your company want ! Please , notice to us ? (Free capital business)

Product Description:

1. Hair Care products
2. facial clean products
3. body care products
4. cosmetics and Beauty products
.5 Skin Whitening Products
6. Personal Care products
7. Skin Care Products
8. Hand & Foot Care Products
9. OEM ODM Manufacturer
10. Whitening and Moisturizing Series
11. OEM Skin Care Manufacturer
12. Anti-aging products

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