3G+GPS+WIFI+G-SENSOR Function mobile Car DVR

1. Wifi function
When the vehicles run into the area which is coverd your wifi signal and this Mobile DVR will download
the videos you want automatically and store them so that you can check it anytime.
This is the newest data connection be used in this kind of goods.

2. GPS function
This Mobile DVR will built a strong system for you.
First,with this kind of function,you can know the specific location of the vehicles.
Second,it will sent the warning signs to you if the vehicles move to the place which is banned.

3. 3G function
You can download the video about the vehicles through 3G data connection.
You never need to go to the vehicles to download the video by yourself.
It will sent the video, pictures and voice to you through 3G connection.

4. G-sensor
When gravitational acceleration reach the data you have already set,
this machine will save present video as undeletable files.
And you will know what happen to that vehicles and avoid some accident next time.

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