254nm Ultraviolet lamps submersible uv lights for Municipal Waste Water

This is Lisa from XPES, we manufacture the high power UVc lamp for 8 years.

For water treatment, we recommend our 400W, which can bu put into water 100%, water-proof.

1. 400W regular power, the output is 1500uw/cm2 in meter;
2. 60000+ hours lifespan, 3-5 times than the traditional UV lamp tube;
3. Work for 24 hours, and can open&close millions of times;
4. Water-proof, no need the casting;
5. Solid amalgam, no pollution;
6. 3 years warranty;

We only make 254nm+185nm, and the price for 400W is 485$ per set, UV lamp & ballast. MOQ is 3 pieces.

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