Quotation on VGA and DVI Cables

The quotation on VGA & DVI Cables are ready for you in this post, kindly find it attached.

We produce DVI Cable(18+5, 24+5, 18+1, 24+1),
VGA Cable(3+2, 3+4, 3+5, 3+7, 3+8, 3+9, 3+10, 3+11),
HDMI Cable(13+1, 14+1, 15+1, 19+1),
Patch Cord (CAT5E, CAT6A).

PART I: Price for your reference:

1. HDMI Cable, Golden Plated, 1.5M, US$0.46/PCS, FOB Shanghai.
2. 3RCA Cable, Nickel Plated, 1.5M, US$0.186/PCS, FOB Shanghai.
3. LAN Cable, 1.5M, US$0.168/PCS, FOB Shanghai.
4. DVI Cable, Golden Plated, 1.8M, US$1.107/PCS, FOB Shanghai.
5. VGA Cable, Nickel Plated, 1.8M, US$0.747/PCS, FOB Shanghai.

PART II: Capacity:

1. HDMI Cables, we can produce 8,000 pieces/day;
2. 3RCA Cables, we can produce 12,000 pieces/day;
3. LAN Cables, we can produce 30,000 pieces/day;
4. DVI Cables, we can produce 2,000 pieces/day;
5. VGA Cables, we can produce 3,000 pieces/day;
These 5 types are our STRONGEST products.

We produce it for 10 years and can meet your demand on these cables with very fine quality and competitive price.

Rongxin Tech Zone, Wujin Road, Lijia, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

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Download catalog